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Body armor is a protective piece of cloth designed to fit over ballistic protection plates that are designed to provide maximum protection to wearer in case of a violent attack. The primary purpose of such plates is to absorb or reflect the force from knives, bullets, and other objects that can pierce your skin during an attack or gunfight. The vest or plate carrier, which is often attached to the user’s body by way of a Velcro fastener, transmits this impact energy to the fabric of the vest or plate. Because of this transfer of energy, it is possible to have plates that are bulletproof, or offer a combination of both qualities, and still be able to wear a soft body armor vest because of its flexible fitting.

Soft body armor was developed primarily as a supplement to more rigid bulletproof vests used by Special Forces and Navy SEALS, but the practice has become popular among regular people as well, though they tend not to use these vests for self-defense reasons. Soft body armor can also save a life if the wearer were to be struck by an errant bullet, knife, or other object that is traveling at high velocity. The vest protects the wearer by creating a barrier between the body and the object that impairs the bullet’s passage into the skin. Since it is not composed of a metal or steel alloy, soft body armor doesn’t increase the chances of injury to the wearer, but it does reduce the amount of time it will take to replace the clothing that has been damaged by the strike or thrust.

The most common form of soft body armor available is the bulletproof vest. This kind of vest is available in different types and can be found in various sporting goods stores, such as some that sell firearms and handgun accessories. Some bulletproof vests are made from leather, while others are composed entirely of cloth. Another variation on the bulletproof vest is the plate carrier vest. These are often times used by police and other emergency medical services personnel as a substitute for their standard bulletproof vests. The plate carrier vest protects the user by providing a place for him or her to insert the plates of firearms.