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Hard armor is a general term used to describe various permanent stabilization solutions. These solutions can protect against erosion and provide significant safety over other alternatives, such as rip rap. One such solution is ShoreFlex(r), a type of erosion prevention system that is permanently installed around a channel or culvert inlet. This type of armor is also extremely lightweight and comfortable, making it an ideal solution for athletes who need extra protection.

Hard body armor is made of ceramic or metal plates that deflect bullets or push them out at the same force. It prevents penetration, but is more bulky than soft armor. Many law enforcement and military personnel choose hard body armor when they are at risk of attack, and everyday people prefer the soft variety. There are many different types of hard armor. Each type of armor is designed to protect different parts of the body. There are three levels of hard body armor available in the market.

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Soft vests and bulletproof vests are both popular options. These vests are often made of soft material, but some also contain metal or ceramic plates. Tightly woven fiber layers provide additional soft armor resistance. Both types of vests are commonly used by police forces, private citizens, and security guards. Hard-plate reinforced vests, on the other hand, are more expensive and heavier than soft armor. These vests are designed to withstand rifle rounds and heavy calibers.