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Body armor has certainly come a long way from the ancient Spartan warriors who first wore them in war. Today, body armor now comes in a wide variety of advanced protective gears capable of defending against even the most deadly weapon fire. In the past, body armor and bulletproof vests were simply designed to stop bullets. However, they often didn’t do much more than provide some minor resistance to the force of a bullet, thus leaving the vulnerable soft spots of the body unharmed. With advances in technology, including bulletproof vests that can resist force far beyond the bulletproof material, today’s body armor is a significantly more advanced piece of safety equipment. Not only do these vests provide much greater protection against serious injury and death, but they also come in a variety of styles to fit just about any user’s personal needs.

Bulletproof vests, or plate carriers, are the most common type of body armor available today. They’re manufactured by many different plate carrier manufacturers, including Smith & Wesson, Black & Decker, and others. These vests consist of heavy duty cloth or heavy-duty polymer plates (which, depending on the manufacturer, may be prone to tearing after prolonged use). These plates are then attached to either front or rear chest portions of the vest, and are often accompanied with padding to minimize the effects of impact. Some modern bulletproof vest models include sights and other accessories that allow users to adjust the plate carrier to a particular gun, making it possible to use the vest for defense as well as offense.

Ballistic vests, or ballistic helmets, are another type of body armor designed to resist force to the torso by means of the kinetic energy of the impacting bullet or gun shot. Ballistic vests function by redirecting the force of a bullet or other projectiles away from the user. This prevents the user from being severely impacted by the force of the pellet. The vest’s lining, made from Kevlar, also adds additional protection against piercing bullets.