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If you are in the market for a level of protection beyond standard ballistic vests, you should consider wearing soft armor. This type of protection provides an affordable layer of protection against handgun threats. In addition, soft armor is made with imported p-Aramid fibers, which are strong but lightweight. These panels are crafted in the USA. These plates are also Level II soft armor panels. If you are in the market for Level II protection, you should consider Rimelig Ballistic Plates.

Soft body armor is thin, flexible, and lightweight. The fibers wrap around the bullet and transfer its momentum to the layers next to it, making it much easier to go around obstacles. While hard armor is heavier, soft armor vests weigh only one-fourth of the same amount and are therefore more affordable. A good combination of cost, durability, and flexibility will provide the maximum protection for a user. It is important to remember that the most important aspect in purchasing a soft body armor is the level of protection it provides.

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Many types of soft armor are designed to stop only pistol rounds. Some are even blends of several materials. These fibers are strong enough to deflect bullets. This makes them ideal for people in challenging jobs. Whether you are facing a criminal or an enemy, you should ensure you wear soft body armor. If you need extra protection, a vest may be a great option. These vests will protect you from a variety of different types of gunshots and will protect you against certain types of dangers.