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Bulletproof vests and bulletproof jackets are the perfect solution for law enforcement and security personnel, military and consumers who may encounter violent acts of self defense. Vests are made from heavy duty nylon or high density polyethylene, and often feature integrated hydration packs to increase their water resistance. Bulletproof jackets are available in a variety of materials and configurations, often being purchased as a set to replace other body armor like bulletproof coats. A bulletproof vest will not only protect you from assault or homicide wounds, but it will also prevent contamination and transfer of biological hazards, increase shock absorption and speed the healing process following trauma. Bulletproof vests are usually worn under a bulletproof jacket to provide the maximum benefit possible.

The bulletproof vest protects against handgun injuries by stopping the bullet in its tracks. This bulletproof vest, also called a bulletproof vest, is a piece of body armor that effectively absorbs the impact to the body’s tissue and slows down or stops bullet penetration into the body. It provides the highest level of protection against injury. There are five major types of bulletproof vests: full body armors, bulletproof jackets, pistol vests, padded bulletproof vests, and stab proof vests.

Bulletproof jackets provide the most protection against bodily trauma due to a bullet’s kinetic energy following impact. They provide excellent comfort, lightweight design and outstanding protection. Padded bulletproof vests are the next-generation body armor offering exceptional fit, flexibility, durability and utmost comfort. They’re great for women and girls body builders who need the most advanced and specialized protection.